Miyome Multi Repair Essense

Miyome Multi Repair Essense
Miyome Multi Repair Essense Miyome Multi Repair Essense
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Weight: 5 gram
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- Lactic Acid
- Glycerin
- Allantoin
- Aloe Vera 

- Remove Pimples
- Visible big pores
- Remove Acnes
- Remove Blackheads
- Sweat Stain
- Whitening effect
- Balancing oil secretion
- Remove skin residue (outer layer)
- Lightening pigmentation
- Improving skin complexion
- Maintaining skin moisture.

- All Kind of skin problem
- All ages





Why MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE’s effect is noticeable within a short period?


MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE is specially formulated from natural plants extract. Its stimulant-free ingredient without any chemical additive is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin. It effectively rebalances the skin pH and maintains the skin at the low acidic condition. The skin can only achieve the optimum performance in absorbing the essential nutrients during a low acidic condition. Also, at this moment, the skin is at its best protective ability, maintaining the optimum elasticity, gloss and hydration.

MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE has a pH value at 5.4, which is low acidic and nearest to the normal skin pH. Therefore, it maintains skin pH and enables the skin to always achieve its optimum performance. More nutrients are absorbed and water loss is controlled perfectly, hence, skin problems will be reduced.

MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE makes your skin healthy by maintaining the pH at the right condition, improving the skin’s ability in absorbing nutrients while strengthen the skin immune system. It completely seeps into the skin cell for the optimum effect. This is why MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCEalways gives positive effect on any skin type within short period.




Will there be any side effect after stop using MIYOME MULTI REPAIR ESSENCE?


It is totally free from side effect as all the ingredients are natural extracts. Its specific function is to regulate the imbalance condition of the skin for a healthier complexion. Therefore, it does not cause your skin to become worse than before when you stop applying it. In fact, skin get worse due to the discontinued tender care and skin rebalance after exposure to the harmful pollutants and stimulants. Pursuing an eternal beauty seems to be women’s life long career. In order to gain the success, women should at any time not to forget about skin rebalance and tender care.




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